Escape Rooms

Oasis Fun Center has just opened two escape rooms to test your synergy, intellect and problem solving capabilities.  In ‘Thwarted’ you are given one hour to successfully follow a series of clues that will lead you to a myriad of riddles, problems and perplexing puzzles.  If your team has what it takes you’ll be able to uncover the date, time and place of a terror cell’s next attack, thus thwarting their evil intentions.
In the ‘Disarmed’ scenario players will need to rely on synergy and work as a team to solve a couple dozen thought provoking brainteasers.  If successful, the team will learn how to disarm a bomb loaded with enough explosives to take out a city block.  There are dead ends and booby traps along the way and the bomb’s wires must be unplugged in precisely the right order of else….
These rooms are designed for adult play and only about 25% of the teams succeed.  Children under 14 must have an adult player with them.  Test your problem solving skills!  For more information or to reserve your escape room adventure now, call (530) 275-3042 or visit!
$25 per player or...
Book an entire room for exclusive play for up to 6 people for $125