Axe Throwing is open!

If you have not heard, Redding’s first axe throwing venue is open! we’ve been open a few weeks now and the new attraction has been very well received. We’ve had throwers ranging from ages 8-85 and they have all left with smiles on their faces. If you think you don’t have the coordination to throw an axe, chances are you are wrong. Our coaches will get you dialed in and you’ll end you session feeling like an axe slinging stud. Come on in or book online. See you guys up here soon!

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is the latest craze in the Family Entertainment industry and we here at Oasis Fun Center are all in on the idea. We are just now finishing up construction on our 8 lane Axe Throwing facility. We are the only Throwing facility in a 3 hour radius making us your must stop shop for your Axe Throwing experience. We are now taking reservations online but we will also accommodate walk-ins. Once the facility is completed, we will begin construction on our Axe Throwing party room. Thats right, your kid can have an Axe Throwing Birthday party. That would be pretty rad….right? Keep checking our website for updated information. Hope to see you all up here soon!

13th birthday party ideas.

Looking for the right place to have your kid’s 13th birthday party? Look no further than the Oasis Fun Center! We have the best variety of attractions to keep a thirteen year old entertained than anywhere else in Redding Ca. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you a Go Kart ride and a game of Laser Tag. I have never seen a sad 13 year old on a go kart or a sad 13 year old obliterating mom and dad in the Laser Tag arena. We have lots of other fun stuff that will be sure to appeal to your 13 year old or their guests. We have Mini Golf, a Ride Simulator, a Laser Maze, Bumper Boats and a game arcade. Come spend you 13th birthday with us at Oasis Fun Center!

Birthday at Oasis Fun Center

Are you looking for the best birthday party option in Redding California? Look no further than us! I've done the research for you and as far as having your birthday at a local business, nobody offers a larger variety of activities than Oasis Fun Center and nobody can beat our prices. Where else are you going to find a variety that can top Mini Golf, Go-karts, Laser Tag, Bumper Boats, Escape Rooms, Lazer maze and a Ride Simulator? You get more options and more bang for your buck here than anywhere else, guaranteed! Our array of activities keep the attention span of any age group from 3 to 90. Anyone can find fun at the Oasis Fun Center!

I don't want to talk badly about our competitors because they offer a good product. Here are a few other birthday ideas in Redding:

Rare Air Trampoline Park: Rare Air is awesome if you are trying to entertain kids from 6-12. Kids younger and older can only jump so long before they become bored with the concept. Kids that are not super physically fit tend to tire out and be done quickly as well. That being said, if your kid is 6-12 and has a ton of energy, like most do, that might be the place to have your birthday party. The staff there is great and the owners are great people. The cost of a birthday party there on average is a little higher than ours but a lot of you will not have an issue with their prices.

Chuck E Cheese: Chuck E Cheese is a good option if you want to hand your kid a bucket of tokens and have them leave you alone for an hour. Their party packages are more costly than the Oasis Fun Center but they are fully booked out regularly because kids love it. Their activities don't encourage engaging with their guests or parents / grand parents which is my biggest problem with having a party there. Kids tend to run in circles all over the arcade pumping coins in slots until they make their way back to parents with cupped hands looking for more tokens!

If you are looking for a free venue for a birthday party in Redding, I'd consider Kid's Kingdom or Caldwell Park. Both have a lot to offer and they are publicly maintained and free! If you’re having a summer birthday party, you might also look into having it at Whiskey Town's Brandy Creek. 

There is my two cents. Obviously my opinion is a bit biased but I hope you found this informative nonetheless. I hope to see you up here soon!