Group Rates

To qualify for group rates you must have a minimum of twenty people, pay as a group and make a reservation.  Group discounts are quoted based on the number of people in the party as well as the number of activities they will be doing.  If, however, a group is quoted a price based on 50 people and only 25 show up, the price will be adjusted to match the number of people actually participating.

Group Size 1 Activity 2 Activities 3 Activities 4 Activities 5 Activities
20 to 49 $1.00 off activity $11.00 / person $16.00 / person $21.00 / person $25.50 / person
50 to 99 $1.25 off activity $10.00 / person $14.50 / person $19.00 / person $23.00 / person
100+ $1.50 off activity $9.00 / person $13.00 / person $17.00 / person $21.00 / person

                 *If additional activities are desired, individual tickets may be purchased by                      members of your group at a discounted price of $4.50 each.

Facility Rental

Your company, school or group can rent the entire Oasis Fun Center complex with all of its activities on an exclusive (have it all to yourselves) or non-exclusive basis.  Exclusive rentals are only available before or after our normal operating hours (see schedule).  Either option allows your guests unlimited access to all of our activities. Video games are coin operated and are not included in the facility rental package.

Type of Use

Facility Rental Prices - Hourly Rate (2 hour Minimum)

Non-Exclusive $700/hr
Exclusive $800/hr

*A facility impact charge of $2.50 per person also applies for all facility rentals.